Teaching interests include interdisciplinary courses on American literature and culture, East Asian popular culture, African American literature and culture, Ethnic Studies and special topics for undergraduate and graduate students as well as supervising student research.


Longwood University

Undergraduate Course

COMM 345 Media Globalization

Undergraduate Student Research (Faculty Mentor)

De’Siree Fairley. “The Weight of Fan Labor on Johnny’s Fans.” 2017-18.


Elon University

Undergraduate Courses

ENG 110 Writing: Argument and Inquiry (formerly College Writing)

ENG 223 American Literature I

ENG 224 American Literature II

ENG 238 African American Literature to 1945

ENG 255 Special Topics: Topics include Detective Fiction, Science Fiction, Historical Asian Fiction & Film

ENG 328 Modernism

ENG 337 Asian Literature of Social Change

ENG 355 The Harlem Renaissance

ENG 359 African American Novels: Afro-Modernism, Black Aesthetic, Post-Soul

ENG 370 The Atlantic World

AMS 210 Concepts in American Studies

GST 239 The Korean Wave

Undergraduate Student Research (Faculty Mentor)

Michelle Brew Baxter. “Transnational Masculinity in the Korean Male Idol Group SHINee.” 2011.

Dissertation Committee (Member)

Heidi R. Lewis, “’She still missed her daddy sometimes’: Black Women’s Post-Civil Rights Father-Daughter Narratives.”  American Studies. Purdue University, 2011.


University of Kansas

Undergraduate Courses

AMS 101 Understanding America (Introduction to American Studies-Honors)

AMS 344 Visual Culture and the Harlem Renaissance

AMS 550 Research Seminar: Topics include Speculative Fiction and American Culture, The Transnational, Comparative Ethnic Studies

Selected Undergraduate Student Research (Faculty Mentor)

Christie Guenther.  “Japanese and White Americans in the United States.” 2007.

Cynthia Henry. “Is Globalization the Answer to America’s Problems?” 2007.

Colleen Klein. “The Plight of African Americans in World War II.” 2007.

Emily Cummings. “Japanese Hybridity.” 2006.

Sean McHenry.  “Social Noise: The Vilification of Heavy Metal.” 2006.

Graduate Courses

AMS 802 Theorizing America

AMS 998 Seminar: The Post Soul Aesthetic


Ohio University

Undergraduate Courses

ENG 153B Writing and Reading: Topics include African American Literature and African American Speculative Fiction

ENG 327 African American Fiction: Survey and topics including Tales of African American Migration, Satire in the African American Novel, Ellison’s Invisible Man

ENG 328 African American Poetry:  Survey and topics including The Function of Black Art, Legacies in African American Poetry

ENG 329 African American Drama: Survey and topics including The Family in African American Drama

ENG 465 Major American Authors: William Faulkner’s Absalom, Absalom!

Graduate Courses

ENG 570 Tricksters in African American Literature

ENG 570 African American Responses to Faulkner

ENG 570 The Post Soul Aesthetic

M.A. Theses (Supervisor)

Heidi Freeman, “Father-Daughter Relationships in African American Fiction.” 2005.

Henrry Lezama, “Brer Rabbit’s Venezuelan Cousin:  From Folktale Badman in Rafael Rivero Oramas’ El Mundo de Tio Conejo to Cultural Hero in Antonio Arraiz’ Tio Tigre y Tio Conejo.” 2003.

Dissertation Committees (Member)

Eric Freeze, “Ridgeview” (Creative Dissertation). 2004.

Sachi Nakachi, “Mixed-Race Identity Politics of Nella Larsen and Onoto Watanna.” 2002.

Reading Examination Committees (Member)

Eric Freeze, Short story and literary tradition of African American women writers.

Desirae Martin, 20th century American literature and literary tradition of nonfiction.


Sweet Briar College

Undergraduate Courses

HNRS 158 Panthers and Dragons: The Asian/African-American Connection in American Culture

HNRS 159 The Immigration Experience

HNRS 164 “It Takes A Nation of Millions:” U.S. Civil Rights Movements

HNRS 165 American Studies at the Millennium

Summer Undergraduate Student Research (Faculty Mentor)

Nahliah Webber. “Algerian Women and Post-colonialism.” 2001.

Allison Gross.  “Postmodernism and Don Delillo’s Fiction.” 2000.