Soul in Seoul: Black Popular Music and K-pop

Soul in Seoul: Black Popular Music and K-pop is my book that examines how modern Korean popular music (K-pop) engages in citational practices by drawing on musical and performative elements of black popular music and how global fans construe that engagement. Here, I introduce users to examples of this engagement that go beyond the book.

Korean Pop Groups (“Idols”)

g.o.d (Groove Overdose)

g.o.d (Source: Korea Times)

g.o.d (Groove Overdose) is a first-generation group that consistently draws on funk and disco.

Promise, Chapter 1 (1999) | Place Where You Need To Be, Chapter 4 (2001) | Gil[Road], Chapter 4 (2001) | Report to the Dance Floor, Chapter 5: Letter (2002) | G’swag, Chapter 8 (2014) | Saturday Night, Chapter 8 (2014)


Korean R&B Groups and Singers

Korean Hip-Hop Groups and Singers (Mainstream)




Supreme Team, “Where U At” |