Research areas include transnational American studies, Black Internationalism and Global Asias focused on media studies, popular culture, and audience and fan reception



Beyond ‘The Chinese Connection’: Contemporary Afro-Asian Cultural Production. Jackson: University of Mississippi Press, 2013.

Soul in Seoul: Black Popular Music and K-pop. September 2020,  University of Mississippi Press.

Articles in Peer-Reviewed Journals

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Edited Volumes

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 Book Reviews

Review of Hallyu 2.0: The Korean Wave in the Age of Social Media, by Sangjoon Lee and Abe Markus Nornes. Asian Communication Research 12.2 (2016): 73-77.

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Selected Presentations

Invited Talks

“K-pop Confidential: Everything You Ever Wanted to Know about K-pop.” Presentation at University of Maryland, College Park, 2016.

“Soul to Seoul: The Influence of African American Culture on K-pop.” Presentation at California State University, Dominguez Hills, 2016.

“K-pop Confidential: Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About K-pop!” Presentation at Georgia State University, 2014.

“Beyond the Chinese Connection: Contemporary Afro-Asian Cultural Production.” Presentation at First Mondays (campus-wide forum), Colorado College, 2014.

“The Chromodynamics of K-pop: Color, Culture, Connections” (with Kaetrena Davis Kendrick). Presentation at KPOPCON14, University of California, Berkeley, 2014.

“Urban Geishas: Reading Race and Gender in iona rozeal brown’s Paintings.” Paper presented at Between African American and Japanese: Traveling Texts Symposium, New York University, 2013.

“Mansae in the USA!: “What K-pop Means in the United States.” Paper presented at Hallyu America: The Global Flow of K-pop, The Center for Korean Studies and Program in Asian American Studies, Binghamton University, 2013.

“Beyond the Bias: What K-pop Fans Really Think and Do” (with Kaetrena Davis Kendrick). Presentation at KPOPCON, University of California, Berkeley, 2013.

“Hello Hallyu: Kpop Fictions, Facts and Fans in the Global Academy” (with Kaetrena Davis Kendrick and Mark Byon). Presentation at KPOPCON, University of California, Berkeley, 2012.

“Aaron Douglas: African American Modernist.”  Gallery talk at Spencer Museum of Art, University of Kansas, 2007.

“ ‘Because Some Things Never Change and Some Things Do’:  Afro-Asian Solidarity and Discord in The Matrix Trilogy.” Paper presented as part of the American Seminar—Hall Center for the Humanities, University of Kansas, 006.

“The Cost of Liberty is Less than the Price of Repression: The Historical and Cultural Context of Jacob Lawrence’s John Brown Series.”  Gallery talk at the Holt/Russell Gallery, Baker University,  2006.

“Shaolin. . . With Rhythm: Asian Appropriations in Paul Beatty’s White Boy Shuffle.” Paper presented at Post-Soul Satire: A Symposium on the Fiction of Paul Beatty, Trey Ellis and Darius James, College of the Holy Cross, 2001.

Papers Presented at National Conferences

“Funky Divas: Transnational Femininities and K-pop and R&B Girl Groups.” Presentation at MoPOP Pop Conference, Museum of Pop Culture, Seattle, WA, 2017.

“Sharing Sonic Homes: K-pop, Citational Practices and Black Popular Music.” Presentation at the American Studies Association Conference, Denver, CO, November 2016.

“Beyond the Classroom: Undergraduate Research and Digital Humanities.” Presentation at CUR 2016 Biennial Conference, Tampa FL, June, 2016.

“Listen to the Music: K-pop, Black Music and Citational Practices.” Paper presented at NCORE: 28th Annual National Conference on Race & Ethnicity in American Higher Education, Washington, DC, May, 2015.

“Glamour Girls: Cross-cultural Visual Aesthetics in K-pop.” Paper presented at the Association for Asian Studies, Chicago, IL, March, 2015.

“BlackPowerYellowPeril?: Representations of Afro-Asian Connections in the 1970s.” Paper presented at the Association for the Study of African American Life and History, Memphis, TN, September, 2014.

“Imperial Fields of Gold: U.S. Cultural Empire and K-pop.” Paper presented at the Association of Asian American Studies Conference, Seattle, WA, April, 2013.

“Hybrid Hallyu: The American Soul Tradition In K-pop.” Paper presented at the Popular Culture Association/American Culture Association Conference, Washington, DC, April, 2013.

“A Far East Movement: The Cultural Politics of Asian/Americans in Kpop.” Paper presented at the Association of Asian American Studies Conference, Washington, DC, April, 2012.

“ ‘Old Laces, Strange Embroideries, Dim Brocades”: Orientalisms in Nella Larsen’s Quicksand.”  Paper presented at the MELUS Annual Conference, Boca Raton, FL, 2011.

“Chinese School: Cross-Cultural and Transnational Strategies in Ping Pong Playa (2007).”  Paper presented at the Association of Asian American Studies Conference, Austin, TX, 2010.

“Orientalism and the Harlem Renaissance.”  Paper presented at the American Studies Association Conference, Oakland, CA, 2006.

“What Are You Looking At?”:  Mirrors as Reflectors of Race in the Art of Roger Shimomura and iona rozeal brown.”  Paper presented at the Association of Asian American Studies Conference, Atlanta, GA, 2006.

“Harmonious Heritages: Lawson Inada’s Response to the Call of Jazz in Legends from Camp.”  Paper presented at the MELUS: Urban Ethnicities Conference, University of Chicago, 2005.

“‘Worlds of Color’:  Literary Representations of Black-Asian Cooperation.”  Paper presented at the American Studies Association Conference, Atlanta, GA, 2004.

“Imagined Coalitions:  Pan-Ethnic Movements in the Fiction of W.E.B. Du Bois and George Schuyler.”  Paper presented at the Race, Nation and Ethnicity in the Afro-Asian Century Conference, Boston University, 2004.

“Asians and Asian Americans in the Contemporary Black Imagination.” Paper presented at the Blacks and Asians: Encounters Through Time and Space International Conference, Boston University, 2002.

“Nothing New Under the Sun: Race, Postmodernism and Literary Interpretative Strategies.” Paper presented at the MELUS Conference, Memphis, TN, 2001.

Papers Presented at Regional Conferences

“Globalizing Convergence: How English-Language Online Media Shapes Perceptions of K-pop.” Paper presented at Global Fusions Conference. University of Virginia, 2018.

“ ‘East, West, To Seoul and Back Again’: Transcultural Fandom and Korean Popular Music (K-pop).” Paper presented at the Southern American Studies Association Conference. The College of William and Mary, 2017.

“Crazy/Sexy/Cool: Multiple Modes of Femininity in K-pop Girl Groups.” Paper presented at the Annual Meeting of the Southeast Conference/Association for Asian Studies, Duke University, 2014.

“Using an Orientalist Lens?: The Harlem Renaissance Photography of James Van Der Zee.”  Paper presented at the Harlem Renaissance:  Aesthetics, Values, Identity – The 23rd Annual Symposium on African American Culture and Philosophy, Purdue University 2007.

“Happily Ever After:  Asian/America in Tsui Hark’s Once Upon A Time in China.” Paper presented at the Comparative Literature Symposium on America’s Asia, Asia’s America, Texas Tech University, Lubbock, 2007.

“The New Color Line:  Black Authenticity and Transnational Context in African American Art.”  Paper presented at Blacker Than Thou:  Authenticity and Identity – The 22nd Annual Symposium on African American Culture and Philosophy Conference, Purdue University. Lafayette, IN, 2006.

“Racial Discourse as Environmental Policy: The Rhetorical Response to Black Emigration and Japanese Nationalism.” Paper presented at the East of California Asian American Studies Conference, University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign, 2002.

“Towers of Ivory, Ebony and Jade: Asian American Studies and the Legacy of the Black Intellectual Experience in the South.” Paper presented at the East of California Asian American Studies Conference, Oberlin College, 2001.


Digital Projects

Digital Project Manager, KPopCulture (  Curates modern Korean popular music (K-pop) through digital exhibits on music, industry, fandom and choreography using Omeka.  Develops and implements research training programs for student research assistants.

Director, KPK: Kpop Kollective, (  Develops and maintains a thematic research collection and community of practice that centers on the collection, organization and curation of information about modern Korean popular music (K-pop) using WordPress. Co-creates and implements online research training program for undergraduate research assistants.

Technology skills:  Learning management (Blackboard, Moodle, Canvas), content management (WordPress, Omeka, Evernote), data visualization (Prezi, Piktochart, Canva, Mindomo), social media (Twitter, Facebook), screencapture (Screencast-o-matic, YouTube), productivity applications (Microsoft Office Suite, Google Docs suite), web-based qualitative tools (Survey Monkey)