Professional and Institutional Service


Service to Journals

Editorial board member, American Studies, 2012-present.

Editorial board member, Journal of Romance Studies, 2013-present.

Editorial board member, Asian Communication Research. 2015-present.

Reader. American Studies, 2008-2011.

Reader. African American Review, 2005-2009.

Service of Professional Organizations

Chair and Panel Organizer. “Asian America: Digital Presences and Representations.” East of California-sponsored panel at the Association for Asian American Studies, Evanston, IL, April, 2015.

Chair and commentator.  “The Power of Asian/Asian American Media: Developing and/or Destroying Racial Stereotypes.” Undergraduate research panel at Association for Asian American Studies, San Francisco, CA, 2014.

Commentator. “Watching the Detectives: Race and Representation in Asian American and Latino Detective Fiction.” Panel at the American Studies Association Annual Conference, Philadelphia, PA, 2007.

Conference Panel Organizer. “The Interracial Anthropopolis: Afro-Asian and Afro-Native Urban Encounters.”  Association of Asian American Studies, New York, NY, 2007.

Conference Panel Organizer. “Geishas, Gurus and Genocide: Afro-Asian/American Cultural Interaction in Film, Literature and Art.” Association of Asian American Studies, Atlanta, GA, 2006.

Conference Panel Organizer. “Fractures in the Racial Imagination: Ethnic Art as Transformative Space.” American Studies Association, 2005.

Chair and commentator. “African Americans, Asian Americans, and Whiteness in the West.” Panel at the Western History Association Conference, Las Vegas, NV, 2004.

Other Service

Volunteer.  Compact for Faculty Diversity:  Annual Institute on Teaching and Mentoring, 2006-present.

Co-chair, East of California Caucus, Association for Asian American Studies, 2013-2015.

Graduate Faculty. Purdue University, 2010-2013.



Elon University

University Service

Affiliated Faculty, Center for Law and Humanities. 2008-2015.

Affiliated Faculty, Asian Studies. 2009-2015.

Faculty Fellow for the Multicultural Center/Academic Diversity Fellow. 2010-2014.

Member, Center for Teaching and Learning Advisory Committee. 2010-2014.

Coordinator, American Studies Program. 2010-2011.

Chair, Subcommittee on Curriculum and Pedagogy, Presidential Diversity Council, 2010-2011.

Member, Presidential Diversity Council.  2010-2011.

Departmental Service

Member, Literature Concentration Committee. 2008-2015.

Member, Special Projects Committee. 2012-2015.


University of Kansas

University Service

Member, Interdisciplinary Jazz Studies Colloquium. 2006-2008.

Co-director, American Cultures Seminar.  Spring 2008.

Co-coordinator, Interdisciplinary Jazz Studies Colloquium. 2006-2007.

Member, Committee on Undergraduate Studies and Advising. 2007-2008.

Member, CUSA Subcommittee on Advising. 2007-2008.

Member, Aaron Douglass and the Harlem Renaissance Exhibit-Regional Committee. 2005-2007.

Departmental Service

Undergraduate Director, American Studies Department, 2006-2008.

Chair, Undergraduate Studies Committee, American Studies Department, 2006-2008.

Member, Undergraduate Studies Committee, American Studies Department, 2005-2006.

Member, Search Committee, African American Race and Gender, American Studies/Women Studies, 2005-2006.


Ohio University

University Service

Member, Templeton-Blackburn Scholars Selection Committee. 2001-2005.

Faculty Advisor, Black Graduate Council. 2002-2005.

Member, University American Studies Steering Committee. 2003-2005.

Departmental Service

Member, Graduate Committee, English Department, 2002-2005.

Member, Graduate Admissions Subcommittee, English Department, 2002-2005.

Member, Search Committee, African American Literature, African American Studies Department, 2002-2003.

Member, Search Committee, African American Literature Visiting Professor, African American Studies Department, 2001-2002.

Member, Search Committee, Nineteenth Century American Literature, English Department, 2001-2002.

Member, Search Committee, Minority Dissertation Scholar-in-Residence-English Department, 2001.

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