Dr. Crystal S. Anderson is a higher education professional who designs and manages educational programs and curricula and a global scholar that examines the circulation of cultures globally.

Currently, I am Assistant Director of Teaching Excellence, Stearns Center for Teaching and Learning and Affiliate Faculty in African and African American Studies and the School of Art at George Mason University. I am also the Director of KPK: Kpop Kollective, the oldest and only public scholarship site on Korean popular music (K-pop) for academics and fans.

Higher Education Administration

Drawing on over 20 years of university-level teaching experience, I design and manage sustainable pedagogical development for faculty at all levels that promote high impact practices, such as undergraduate research, active learning, community engagement and multi-modal teaching. I also develop and assess faculty development for university-level initiatives. 

Research and Scholarly Activities

I work in the fields of Transnational American Studies, Global Asias and Black Internationalism with a focus on popular music, visual culture and media studies. In addition to several journal articles and book chapters, I have written two scholarly books. Soul in Seoul: African American Popular Music and K-pop (2020, University of Mississippi Press), examines the influence of genres of R&B on global Korean popular music, or K-pop.  Beyond the Chinese Connection: Contemporary Afro-Asian Cultural Production (2013, University of Mississippi Press) uses the films of Bruce Lee to read cross-cultural negotiations with global culture in novels, films and anime.

I also produce public scholarship through my digital humanities projects and digital writing.  KPK: KPop Kollective (est. 2010) is the oldest and only public scholarship site on K-pop for academics and fans.  As a community of practice and a thematic research collection, its mission is to promote the public’s understanding of contemporary Korean popular culture, create resources and provide analysis and context on K-pop from a global perspective. KPOPCULTURE, a digital humanities project housed in Omeka that curates and chronicles modern Korean popular music (K-pop) through digital exhibitions of music, choreography, creative personnel, media and fandom. I also train undergraduate students to work as research assistants on the project. I am a veteran blogger who writes on East Asian popular culture at High Yellow. Please view my entire digital writing portfolio!

I use CSAPhD to share and reflect on my activities and produce serial scholarship on other topics in order to make my professional work visible. I’m happy to speak to members of the media,  guest speak virtually in high school and college classrooms and give formal talks. Please use the form below to request.



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  1. Greetings Dr. Anderson!

    You are doing some fine work, the scholarship of which is very thoughtful and in-depth.

    Richard Ripani


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