Welcome to CSAPhD, the professional site Crystal S. Anderson,Director of the Office of Student Research and Research Scholar of Cultural Studies at Longwood University (USA). I am also Director of KPK: KPop Kollective, the oldest and only aca-fansite for modern Korean popular music (K-pop).I’m happy to be a guest in high school and college classrooms via Skype. Please requests for speaking engagements and classroom visits to csaphd5@gmail.com or andersoncs2@longwood.edu.

Professional Experience

2017-present.    Director, Office of Student Research and Research Scholar of Cultural Studies, Longwood University, Farmville, VA.

2015-2017.         Director, Office of Student Research and Associate Professor of English, Longwood University, Farmville, VA.

2008-2015.        Associate Professor, English Department, Elon University, Elon, NC.

2005-2008.       Assistant Professor, American Studies Department, University of Kansas, Lawrence, KS.

2001-2005.        Assistant Professor, English Department, Ohio University, Athens, OH.

1999-2001.         Minority Honors Fellow, Honors Program, Sweet Briar College, Sweet Briar, VA.

Higher Education

Over the past ten years, I have gained administrative experience in program development at the department and university level, faculty development, curricular design with attention to diversity, student professional development and advisement and program assessment.


My work fits best within transnational American Studies and global Asias contexts.  I focus on African American, Asian and Asian American cultures in media studies, visual culture, popular culture and audience and reception studies.  My 2013 book, Beyond the Chinese Connection: Contemporary Afro-Asian Cultural Production (University of Mississippi Press).  I am currently working on the manuscript, Soul in Seoul: Black Popular Music and K-pop (under contract with University of Mississippi Press).  You can view my journal articles and book chapters here.

Because much of this scholarship requires readers to purchase a publication or pay for access,  I also publish my some of my scholarly work on the Internet to make my scholarship more accessible to the public.  KPK: Kpop Kollective is the oldest and only aca-fansite for modern Korean popular music (K-pop). Established in 2010, it has developed into a community of practice  and a thematic research collection centered on K-pop. Members are also active scholars and aca-fans who work on individual scholarly projects related to Hallyu, a contemporary Korean cultural movement. Kpop Kollective promotes the public’s understanding of contemporary Korean popular culture, creates resources and provides analysis and context on K-pop from a global perspective. KPOPCULTURE is a digital humanities project that curates modern Korean popular music (K-pop) through digital exhibitions of music, choreography and industry.  iFans: Kpop Global Fandom is a project site that examines K-pop fandom through qualitative surveys and curation of fan production.  You can read the best of my writing on my Digital Writing Portfolio


My teaching philosophy is grounded in the interconnected nature of knowledge found in literary and other texts, contextualized by multiple cultures and histories.  Rather than the mere accumulation of discrete bits of information, I see learning as the process whereby individuals link new knowledge with existing knowledge. Each new piece of information connects to another, creating an ever-increasing repository from which to draw. With a diverse repository, individuals can undertake complex analysis in a variety of intellectual and interdisciplinary contexts. My role as a professor is to model that process in classes informed by my research and enable students to embark on their own journey of intellectual development. Using this philosophy, I have taught a range of courses, including first-year writing, literature surveys, interdisciplinary upper-level courses, theory and method courses and graduate seminars.




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